100% Pure Argan Oil, 20ml

100% Pure Argan Oil, 20ml

Reference: 073183

Regenerate and nourish your skin with pure argan oil.

Helps to blend in small wrinkles, stretch marks and marks on the skin.
Known as desert gold, argan is the king of hydration.

Fragrance: Argan
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Volume: 20 ML
Size: 44 X 43 X 120 MM

Pure argan oil regenerates and nourishes the skin, helping to blend in small wrinkles and marks on the skin.

It prevents photo-ageing caused by sun radiation and helps to stop stretch marks appearing in the final months of pregnancy.

This 100% pure oil, which is cold pressed for extraction, is known as desert gold because it helps to encourage cell renewal.

It's also extremely useful for hair nourishing and strengthening weakened nails.

- Natural Argan Oil: origin Morocco, extracted by 1st cold pressing of its seeds, previously exposed to the sun. Known as the gold of the desert, it revitalises and deeply moisturises the skin, helps to promote cell renewal, nourishes and softens the hair, giving it great shine and luminosity, and helps to strengthen weakened and brittle nails. All this thanks to the high content of fatty acids, vitamin E, beta-carotenoids, squalene and phytosterols.

- Enriched with Vitamin E: which guarantees its preservation over time. 


Apply 2-3 drops to the area that needs treating, 2 times a day.

Facial: Pour a few drops on the palm of the hand and massage into your face.

Hair care: Apply a few drops directly on your hair about 20 minutes before washing it.

Body: massage in until completely absorbed.

Peculiar, characteristic scent with an intense first few seconds, then the scent smooths out before it disappears after a few minutes. Scent with similar characteristics to olive or almond oil.