New, more original sensations

Lifestyles change, people evolve and we as a brand adapt and evolve with them.
We've taken a big step to strengthen our brand.
We want to experience feelings that spark emotions and intensify
the wow effect through our surprising, irresistible fragrances and beauty products.

The Flor de Mayo experience is always emotional, disruptive and a welcome break from monotony. It's an experience that invites you to play, explore and enjoy the present; it makes you feel free, empowered, alive, intimate and, above all, LIKE YOURSELF. We're scents, sensations and originality. Our products are for people who enjoy pampering themselves every day and taking their time; beauty and wellness don't have to be bound to exclusivity. People who want to look good for themselves and this is a reflection of that. Join the WOW community of active, practical, adventurous, decisive, trailblazing people and show us your attitude to life with your own essence...