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Get a healthy looking and dazzling mane with Shimmer Hair Mist. A scented hair illuminator that cares, moisturises and perfumes. A cocktail of beneficial active ingredients for hair that helps strengthen the skin barrier of the scalp, improving elasticity and stimulating growth.

Sales format: Box 8 Units

Get a healthy and dazzling mane with this scented hair illuminator that nurtures, hydrates, and perfumes. A blend of hair-friendly ingredients such as betaine and sweet almond extract helps strengthen the scalp's skin barrier, enhancing elasticity and promoting growth. Additionally, its natural mica-based pigments provide a golden shimmer to the hair that reflects light and enhances its appearance. It can be used as a finishing touch after styling or simply to hydrate and scent the hair between washes.

Vegetable glycerin: Moisturises and keeps the scalp hydrated, preventing dryness.

Betaine: Its properties help to strengthen the skin barrier of the scalp, in addition to reducing hair frizz.

Sweet almond extract: Helps to improve hair elasticity, reducing the risk of breakage.

Rosemary extract: Stimulates hair growth.

Mica-based pigments that add a subtle shine and golden sparkle to the hair.

Use on dry, combed hair. Shake before use. Spray evenly 20 cm from the hair. Avoid contact with eyes and clothing.

A deep and long-lasting floral burst that leaves a trail wherever it goes. Its surprising scent combines fruity and sparkling notes with warmer ones, culminating in a woody base for an unforgettable result that doesn't go unnoti-ced.

Top Notes: Citrus, fruit, pear.

Body Notes: Jasmine, muguet, rose.

Base Notes: Ambergris, Cedar, Musk.